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The most cost-effective way to reduce your utility bills is to reduce your usage by installing more efficient lights and appliances, and improving the insulation level of your home or business.

We recommend investing in conservation first, then wind and solar power.  Many of our customers buy a home wind system or solar power unit after they have reduced their bills as much as reasonably possible with efficiency upgrades.

To learn about things you can do, ask your utility company to do an energy audit, or use the web link at the side of this page for advice from the DTI.

Although we recommend conservation first, we also have many customers who install our wind systems because they are an effective “one shot” remedy to high electricity bills.

In the U.K. deregulation has opened the utility business for competition.  This will give you options for choosing your supplier and could save you money by comparing utility companies pricing. 

Here’s a quick test on wind power feasibility, assuming you don’t live in a local authority with a subsidy program and you want to recoup your investment in 15 years or less.  Given these conditions, you should consider wind power if

1) Your electricity costs more than 7 pence per kilowatt-hour (kWh)
2) Your area has an average wind speed of 11 miles-per-hour (mph) or more, and,

In areas where wind power is not feasible, we recommend investigating ground-source heat pumps or solar power systems.




Replacing your windows, don't double glaze, triple glaze with wood frames from sustainable wood reserves.

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